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How Much Does It Charge?

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Why is Woo Commerce beneficial?

The primary motivation behind of Woo Commerce is to offer items.

VARIABLE ITEMS — The benefit of these sorts of items is in word “variable”. Here you can include a couple of varieties of the items you’re offering. For instance, in case you’re offering shirts, you can add a couple of hues to browse.

ADVANCED/DOWNLOADABLE ITEMS — Product write planned for items accessible just for download, for instance, eBooks, applications and so on.

Assembled items — A Grouped item is a gathering of related items. Which bought separately and can just comprise of straightforward items. For instance, a straightforward item for a PS3 could be a gathered item as there are 80GB, 120GB and 200GB varieties of that same parent item.

Outside/Affiliate items — An External or Affiliate item is one which you list and portray on your site, yet is sold somewhere else.

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